Welcome home

We feel at home when we feel good and comfortable. When every thing is in its place. In space and in our heart.

We are at home when we know for sure that everything around - from a small spoon to a whole bed, has been chosen by us with warmth and care.

In our house, there are favorite tea mugs on a shelf, and a knitted blanket is patiently waiting in an armchair. In the kitchen - handmade dishes, and on the table - an unusual vase and fresh flowers in it. During the day we walk barefoot on the carpet, and at night we fall asleep in the arms of linen sheets. And also, at home is when the whole family is at the table.

And loud laughter. And a couple of friends. Simply put, home is where love is.Here you will find various accessories for the room, study, kitchen, bathroom, hallway: vases, photo frames, magazine racks, candlesticks, pots, stands for office supplies, cutlery, bottles, trays and plate holders, rattan household goods and other materials and much more. In the garden decor section, amateur gardeners, landscape decorators, florists and apartment residents who have decided to transform window sills and balconies will be able to please themselves.

All of these things will not only complement your space, but also inspire you to create your own style for your home.

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